Ryan Reynolds Is Appearing in the New Snap Original RYAN DOESN’T KNOW

Ryan Reynolds

Snapchat makes shows that users can watch and they are called Snap Originals. The new Snap Original airs on January 30 and is called Ryan Doesn’t Know. In this new series, Ryan Reynolds will be learning new skills like ice sculpting, floral sculpting, and how to throw the axe. Yes, I’m frightened about that last one too. New episodes air every other day on Snapchat, check out the trailer below.

It may come as a surprise, but there are a lot of things that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t know. So in his new Snapchat series “Ryan Doesn’t Know,” Ryan is going to take some time for some self-improvement, learn some extremely useful skills, and meet some new friends. He’ll be joined by a group of talented emerging artists and creators from an array of fields. He’ll speak with incredibly talented experts to collaborate and try his hand at their honed craft. Throughout the series, Ryan will chip away at ice sculpting with Shintaro Okamoto, have a go at visual trickery with VFX expert Trevor Bell, learn floral sculpting from creative designer Aurea Molaei, attempt axe throwing and so much more!

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