Ryan Reynolds Revealed The Deadpool Costume In The Best Way Possible


After years and years of waiting patiently, Deadpool is only a month away from its highly anticipated release. Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role in the film. He has guaranteed us that this will reflect more of the comic’s background. For Marvel fans, that may or may not be good news as the censor board is still arguing whether they should make it a Rated R film or PG-13 one. The confirmed news is that it is indeed a Rated R film. Deadpool fans should be excited and over the moon after seeing this.

Ryan Reynolds will be suiting up completely this time as the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ and not like how he did in X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009. Speaking about his costume, it does look awesome doesn’t it? Honestly, the team couldn’t have made it any more realistic. It looks perfect. Come 2016, you will see many people wearing the Deadpool costume. If you want to have one too, then here is how you can do it.


 (Product Page)


Deadpool Leather Jacket (Product Page)


Full Finger Motorcycle Racing Gloves (Product Page)


Deadpool Cosplay Belt (Product Page)


Dual Ninja Swords (Product Page)

Ryan Reynolds Pants

Ryan Reynolds Pants (Product Page)

Tactical Leg Holster

Tactical Leg Holster (2 are required) (Product Page)

M&P Airgun

M&P Airgun (2 are required) (Product Page)

Round Toe Lace-Up Boots

Round Toe Lace-Up Boots (Product Page)

With these items, you now have your very own Deadpool costume. His amazing jacket, which you can see above, will give you the perfect look. People will be amazed by how well you match Ryan Reynolds’ movie look when you wear it at the next costume function. He revealed the Deadpool costume in the best way possible and now you can do the same. Don’t forget to catch Deadpool on February 12 in theaters.


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