“Safe” Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire on an Airplane

Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 was the most unstable phone, which is going to burst into flames at anytime. So Samsung pulled them off the streets and replaced with “Safe” replacements.

But now “safe” Galaxy Note 7s that Samsung has been handing out to get the known defective Notes off the street… well, they might not actually be any safer than the ones that burned a car to a crisp or set a garage on fire.

Earlier today, a Southwest Airlines flight that was due to depart for Baltimore was evacuated. The reason: a passenger’s Galaxy Note 7 became incredibly hot and started belching out greenish-gray smoke. Brian Green, who owned the Note 7 that grounded the plane, confirmed that it was most definitely a replacement device.

Green also offered up photographic proof: a picture of the box that his new Note 7 came in when he made the exchange at an AT&T store.

Galaxy Note 7

Verdict? Ditch the Galaxy Note 7 all together and don’t look back… ever.


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