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Android smartphones are very popular among people due to the ability of the phone to do many things like taking photos, storing audio, video, messages and using the various apps. A large number of people change their phones regularly to get the latest phones with new features. They either sell the old phones or give it to someone. The problem with used phones is that the there is a data backup on the phone used by the previous owner and there is a risk of revealing your personal information, photos, and videos that is dangerous to reveal. Computer professionals and hackers can get access to your private data easily through the old phone that you sell. Deleting the data manually is simply not enough as it can be recovered easily. So, why not use some system for deleting the data on your phone to protect your identity. Safewiper For Android is data wiper software that ensures that your data on phone is deleted with surety and guarantee.

About SafeWiper for Android

The Safewiper For Android developed by safewiper , which gives you a good data privacy and helps in avoiding your personal information from reaching cyber criminals and intruders who break into phone data and misuse the personal information for illegal purposes. The Software can delete private data, app data and the complete data from the phone. Supporting a large number of Android devices, it can delete data with a surety from the phone internally and the external SD card. Your data is overwritten by the software and it is not possible to restore the data by anyone. A free trial is available and you can buy the software at an affordable rate. Additionally, it works with all Android smartphone and models like Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Google, etc.

How does SafeWiper for Android works?

The very first step for using the Safewiper For Android is to install it on the PC by downloading it and running it. Connect the phone to the PC and run the debugging feature. For this, connect the data cable of your phone to the PC and if the software is not detected, enable the debugging by going to settings and opening the developer options. Put a tick mark on USB Debugging. This is for older android 3.0 to 4.1. If you have a higher Android of 4.2, open the settings and tap on build number option many times. When you see the developer mode, again go back to settings and open the developer options. Put a tick mark on USB debugging. After that, the Safewiper is ready to remove your data from the phone.

Erase All Data

For removing the entire data from the phone, open the Erase All feature on the software. Enable the Erase Now button. In the next step, you should write the words Erase or Delete in the box shown. The next step shows you three security levels, low, middle and high. Choose the middle-security level from this. Click on Ok and the entire data will be removed. The phone restarts and you get a new phone that is free of any data.

Erase Private Data

Remove your personal data, messages, photos, and videos with the Erase Private Data option. it also removes your email, audio and call history thus cleaning your phone of all private information. Open the software and click on Erase Private Data. The software scans your data and lists it on the left with different titles of each data. Preview the categories and choose any or all options like call history, messages, photos, videos, and audio. Click on the security level that you want. The private data that you choose will be removed with this.

Erase App Data

Remove app data from your phone by choosing the Erase App Data feature. Once the program finishes scanning your phone, click on Erase and your app data will be removed. It includes removing the chat history and photos downloaded from the app. All data stored by the apps will be erased.


Safewiper For Android is a useful and effective tool for removing data on your phone so that you can sell the phone without the risk anyone breaking into your phone and getting your private data. It scans your phone deeply and erases wipes the data completely. It is a cool desktop software that comes with a free trial version. For Samsung users, check this wiping tutorial to wipe your Samsung phone.

It gives you a high level of security and prevents your data from illegal use and cybercriminals. Hopefully, you guys found this review article helpful and feel free to download the program for free today!

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