Sandisk, World’s Smallest 1TB Thumbdrive

Sandisk, World's Smallest 1TB Thumbdrive

Check out Sandisk’s new prototype flash drive. It comes with a whopping 1TB of data storage into a chassis that SanDisk says is the world’s smallest.

For USB-C flash drives, There are plenty of smaller drives out there. There are drives with double the capacity, too… but Sandisk has put together a thumbdrive with a blend of features that’s are quite good and hard to beat.

The USB-C plug makes it very adaptable.  You can use the drive with current PCs and Macs as well as numerous Android devices. File transfers are blazing fast as well, too, and that’s a very good thing when you want to copy many files on to the drive, like, a blu-ray movie.

It’s slim so you can keep it anywhere and take it anywhere. Sure, Kingston’s 2TB Data Traveler Ultimate GT has more room for files, but it’s also an inch thick and can’t be plugged into your phone, but this one can.

There is one downside of this new thumbdrive, You can’t actually buy it. It’s still in the prototype phase. SanDisk will have similar USB-C drives available soon, but it may be a while before their 1TB model makes it onto stores near you. No official price is known as of yet, Their 128GB USB-C drive right now goes for around $40… so it could sell for $200 or more, only time will tell.

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