Sarah Connor is Kicking Terminators Ass in a New Clip and TV Spots For TERMINATOR: DARK FATE

Sarah Connor

It’s magnificent to see that people are enthusiastic about producer James Cameron and director Tim Miller’s Terminator: Dark Fate upcoming new movie. I’ve liked what I’ve seen in the trailer so far and we’ve got some more great stuff to share with you.

Check out this new clip featuring Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor racing in to save the day by kicking some serious ass. Then we’ve also got two new TV spots that give a few new details about the upcoming awesome movie.

One of the most interesting things about this new movie is that Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor and according to Miller, this movie will wrap up and resolve Sarah’s story in the franchise, so I guess we won’t be seeing her anymore in any future movies. Do you think they will kill off her character in this movie or just send her on to some journey?  What do you think?

In Dark Fate, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger) join forces up with a superhuman from the future named Grace (Mackenzie Davis) to help defend a young woman named Dani (Natalia Reyes) in an attempt to save the future from disaster. It doesn’t look like it’ll be an easy battle, particularly with the new Terminator (Gabriel Luna) who is on a mission to kill Dani, and lower human survival.

Terminator: Dark Fate will kick ass in theaters on November 1st, 2019.


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