Satisfy Your Inner Geek: Top 11 TV Shows about Technology

All of us have our own inner geek. This is a slang term, which helps to describe some strong and persistent desires of all human beings. It is about eccentric individuals who are so to speak obsessed with a definite hobby or activity. This is a specific activity, which is commonly overly intellectual and socially weird. For instance, people are very enthusiastic about TV shows about the technology of different kinds and origins.

Some students adore talking for hours about their favorite shows. They get extremely happy when they are assigned to write about their favorite ones. Under such conditions, the assignment writing may become very pleasant and interesting.

While making allowances for the TV shows that are related to the progress of technology, one should mention the following shows:

Mr. Robot Season 2

  1. Mr. Robot

This is an utterly popular TV show, which may be labeled as a cult one. It has millions and millions of followers. This show is about an elite group of hackers that use modern technologies of any kind to follow their own purposes. Their main goal is to bring to ruin evil corporations. The main character is a young programmer named Elliot who wishes to bring justice to the cyber world.

IT Crowd Final Episode Trailer

  1. The IT Crowd

This is the British series, which ran for the course of 8 consecutive years and likewise had some associations with hacking. This is a story of a huge corporation and three characters. Two of them Roy and Moss are considered losers and true geeks. Jen is a new employee at the corporation and she is a non-technical person. Thanks to bluffing, she receives the high post and there begins a real struggle amongst the main heroes.

Silicon Valley Season 4

  1. Silicon Valley

Partially, this is a comedy. The series concentrates on the war in the tech world. It describes the struggle between successful, competent people and underdogs who don’t seem to show anything in particular. Currently, it runs for the 3 consecutive years and its popularity grows.

  1. Person of Interest

There are many movies, as well as many real disputes about artificial intelligence in the real world. The importance of its development is actually huge. There are many perspectives and this topic is actively discussed. This series depicts the life of the protagonist of the story who uses AI to rescue human lives. A specific AI network investigates future crimes and tries to prevent them. Such a story is actually captivating.

  1. Quantum Leap

This is one of the oldest science fiction shows, which may be called classical. The show follows the amazing adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett and his assistant Al. Beckett. Thanks to the successful experiment, Dr. Beckett received the opportunity to travel through the trance. The heroes face multiple challenges, which differ from one another and are very difficult. The series is captivating and the final of the series is actually shocking.

  1. Chuck

This is a comedy and spy drama. The main hero is known as Chuck. He is a computer genius and he has an important position at the CIA. At first, his job was pretty simple. However, his friend managed to embed the database into Chuck’s brain. Therefore. He became a new type of a super spy.


  1. Doctor Who

One should never forget about this incredible TV show, which likewise has the status of the real cult. The series was first launched in the year 1963 and it’s currently running. This is the best evidence of its high status and tremendous popularity. Each season is captivating in its particular manner and you feel each episode as if this is your own adventure.

the big bang theory desktop wallpaper

  1. The Big Bang Theory

This is another TV show about science and technology, which is recognized by millions of followers. All people around the world have definitely heard about smart and genius Sheldon Cooper and the Co. This is a comedy as well, which has already won the hearts of millions of people.

Battlestar Galactica

  1. Battlestar Galactica

This scientific franchise started in the year 1978 and lasted until 2003. It reached levels of great popularity. The main plot concentrates on the faith of the only survivors of the war between the humans and a race of cybernetic aliens. They travel on their spaceship and face multiple threats. They are desperate but do whatever is possible to survive and keep humankind from total extinction.

  1. Dollhouse

This is an intriguing story about the mind-wiped DNA-changed humans that are called “dolls”. Their minds are filled with non-real memories and abilities. The name of the show is associated with the dollhouse where they live when they don’t “work’. Steadily, Echo, a young woman, becomes aware of who she really is. Simultaneously, someone tries to bring the Dollhouse down when trying to get closer to Echo.


  1. Almost Human

This is another captivating story of the interaction of AI and humans. The story develops in the year 2048. The percentage of crime is hazardously huge and simply uncontrollable. To cope with the menace, the scientists invented androids. Thus, a human policeman always has an android as his partner. This strange union is the last hope of humanity.

Mind that there is much more to discover. Watch the suggested TV shows and search for the other ones to satisfy your inner geek.

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