Saturn Bowling Trailer Revealed for Terrifying French Horror Movie

Saturn Bowling

The eagerly awaited official trailer for “Saturn Bowling” has been unveiled, creating a wave of excitement among movie enthusiasts as it takes center stage just one month ahead of the film’s grand debut in cinemas.

Presented to us by none other than Dark Star Pictures, “Saturn Bowling” delves into a gripping narrative centered around a chilling curse that unfurls its ominous tendrils through the conduit of a seemingly innocent bowling alley. The mastermind behind this cinematic endeavor is none other than the skilled director Patricia Mazuy, renowned for her previous work on “Travolta and Me”. The cast is studded with remarkable talent, with Arieh Worthalter, celebrated for his role in “Bastille Day”, gracing the screen alongside Achille Reggiani, Y-Lan Lucas, Leïla Muse of “Happening” fame, and the versatile Frédéric van den Driessche, who once enchanted audiences in “A Tale of Winter”.

Enthusiasts and cinephiles are invited to partake in the chilling spectacle that is the “Saturn Bowling” trailer. This captivating preview teases at the sinister tapestry woven by the French horror, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the web of suspense, fear, and intrigue that awaits.

“Saturn Bowling” unfolds with the demise of Guillaume’s father, thrusting the diligent police officer into an unexpected inheritance – the family’s very own bowling alley. Yet, the veneer of normalcy shatters as an ancient curse clings to this seemingly innocuous gift, triggering a macabre chain reaction of brutal murders. The bond between Guillaume and his half-brother Armand becomes the focal point, drawing them inexorably into the clutches of a demon-infested abyss. A tainted legacy looms over their destinies, casting a palpable darkness that envelops their world. In this grim domain, the rules that reign supreme are those of the hunt – an unrelenting pursuit that transcends human comprehension.

Mark your calendars, for the much-anticipated “Saturn Bowling” is poised to hit theaters on the illustrious date of September 29, 2023. Following its theatrical run, the horror extravaganza will further enthrall audiences as it journeys into the realms of digital platforms and DVD releases on October 24, 2023. As the anticipation mounts and the suspense simmers, prepare to immerse yourself in a cinematic experience that promises to redefine the boundaries of fear and embark on a journey where the arcane and the ordinary collide in a vortex of malevolent mystique.

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