Scarlett Johansson Talks About CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Timeline

Scarlett Johansson

Captain America: The Winter Solider is the new movie from the world of Avengers and it seems brilliant in the light of it’s first movie.

In a recent interview with Refinery 29 (via: MTV ) Scarlett Johansson talks about the time frame of the film, saying it takes place two years after The Avengers.

She also goes on to discuss Black Widow’s relationship with Cap.

“This film is in real time. It’s been two years since [the characters] appeared, and now both are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fighting in the streets. We are not superheroes flying side by side. They help each other because we are fighting in a similar way. It’s a working relationship.”

As for as her relationship with the title character, she continues,

“By a series of unfortunate encounters, they will be in a situation in which their friendship becomes more intimate. They share many similarities because they live on the defensive without relying on anyone. Also, the two have been working for the government throughout their professional careers. With their friendship they begin to question what they want and what is their true identity.”

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo also stars Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Frank Grillo, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Toby Jones, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell, Maximiliano Hernández, Robert Redford, and Georges St-Pierre.


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