Scarlett Johansson Made A Netflix And Chill Joke During A Weather Report

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is widely known for her exceptional acting skills and has even displayed her vocal abilities on a few occasions. However, it seems that weather forecasting might not be her strong suit. During a recent appearance on the Today show to promote her new skincare line, the talented actress joined Al Roker to deliver the weather report.

As she looked at the map, Johansson’s lack of expertise in meteorology became evident. She stumbled over her words, making it seem like she was trying to improvise her way through a science project in high school. “You got this map here, there’s a little bit of blue, a little bit of pink,” she started uncertainly. When she saw the below-freezing temperatures in the Midwest, her reaction was priceless. “Oh my goodness, the 20s!” she exclaimed, sounding shocked.

Perhaps sensing that her weather reporting skills were not up to par, Johansson decided to inject some humor into the situation. “This is Netflix and chill weather!” she said, suggesting that viewers might prefer to stay indoors and watch movies instead of braving the cold.

While it’s not clear whether Johansson was intentionally promoting her Netflix film Marriage Story with this comment, it’s worth noting that “Netflix and chill” has become a popular euphemism for hooking up. Whatever her intentions, one thing is certain: Scarlett Johansson is a gifted actress and singer, but her weather forecasting skills may need a little work.

The weather duo got the giggles when Johansson pointed out that the east coast would have “milder highs.” She asked, “What does that mean?”

“That means it’s mild with high temperatures, nice and mild. It doesn’t mean that you get high and it’s mild,” he said, as both started cracking up laughing. “Different forecast.”

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