Science Of Star Trek

When Star Trek first aired in the 1960s, it seemed that there was no limit to what humans could accomplish. Humans were traveling to space as the series first aired, and people were walking on the moon shortly after the original series finished filming. Through the years, however, mankind has looked less toward space and more toward inventions to help with modern society. While warp drive seems to be unrealistic based on modern knowledge of physics, humans have inventions that were not anticipated by Star Trek.

The Star Trek communicator is iconic, and replicas are popular at conventions. Nowhere in the series, however, did anyone predict cell phones. While there were likely no towers on the planets in the Star Trek universe, none of the civilizations they visited had cell phones. In addition, the communicators look dated compared to modern cell phones. Where are the touchscreens? Why are they so clunky? Likewise, where is the Internet? Is it plausible that none of the planets they visited had an Internet-like network?

Science Of Star Trek


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