Scientists Fact Check and Talk About Natural Disasters in Movies

Natural Disasters in Movies

Hollywood has always loved making movies about natural disasters. There’s just something about watching Earth destroy cities and landmarks that filmgoers love to see.

Vanity Fair gathered together environmental scientists Morgan Page, Michael Angove, and Peter Gleick to sit down and look at some of the natural disaster shots from movies so that they could fact check them and offer their expert opinion.

The movies included in the video are San Andreas, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Volcano, Twister, Geostorm, The Core, Interstellar, Sharknado, The Perfect Storm, Pompeii, Noah, The Impossible, The Happening, Into the Storm and even Hard Rain.

It’s enjoyable listening to what these scientists have to say about the natural disasters in these movies. Some of the movies get it right while others are simply fiction.

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