Scooby-Doo Star Framed For Murder in New Velma Trailer


HBO has released the first official trailer for Velma, an updated “adult” and Scooby-Doo-less revival of the old cartoon detective series. The new series hits HBO Max on January 12.

Executive producer and lead Mindy Kaling explained that the show would be a major departure from the original Scooby-Doo series. Not only is that cartoon dog nowhere to be found here but the crimes Mindy and the rest of the gang will be actual murders. This new trailer, which you can check out below, showcases the show’s tone–which had only been referred to as “adult,” and seems more sassy than mature.

In this new version, Velma finds herself framed for murder after a body mysteriously ends up in her gym locker. So, she’s forced to bridge cliques and team with famous Daphne (Constance Wu), shallow Fred (Glenn Howerton), and stoner Shaggy (Sam Richardson). The trailer also suggests that Daphne and Velma used to be close friends but are now sworn enemies, navigating an uncomfortable alliance. When the show was first announced in February 2021, a synopsis also described the show as “an original and humorous spin that unmasks the complex and colorful past of one of America’s most beloved mystery solvers.”

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