Sea Of Thieves – Xbox One vs Xbox One X

Xbox One vs Xbox One X

If you own an Xbox and you are considering to start Sea of Thieves pirate adventure game you may be interested in this cool new video created by the team over at Digital Foundry. This time they are comparing the Xbox One X vs Xbox One performance and gameplay, offering a fast insight at what you can expect on both of Microsoft’s consoles when playing the new Microsoft’s first-person pirate mayhem.

Sea of Thieves

Check out the technical analysis of video below to learn more about the Xbox One vs Xbox Once X performance. Digital Foundry also stated that they will be producing the PC performance and technical analysis of the Sea of Thieves.

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Sea of Thieves is created and developed by Rare, with cross-platform play between Windows and Xbox One systems and it is an Xbox exclusive. For more information head to the official website by following the link below.

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