Sega Is Going To Release A Mega Drive Mini This Year

Mega Drive Mini

At the Friday’s Sega FES 2018, the publisher announced a mini version of the Mega Drive to be released in Japan sometime this year. This new project is in early stages of development right now, Sega did not reveal much about the Mega Drive Mini, but they were able to show the actual model of the console. As the name suggests, it is a quite small version of Mega Drive. Check out the photo below and see how tiny this new gaming system really is.

Sega didn’t announce which games will be available in the Mega Drive Mini or if the device will launch to the West at the same time as the release of the console in Japan. In the past, Sega already delved into bringing updated versions of past consoles. In fact, last year, the publisher partnered with AtGames and brought Sega Genesis Flashback HD, which was entirely overshadowed by the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. The Sega Genesis Flashback HD was jam-packed with 85 classic games and included a built-in cartridge port for players who still own old cartridges.

Sega also announced that they would be releasing a lineup of classic games to the Nintendo Switch under the Sega Ages line. Again, the publisher did not reveal details besides that they are planning to release about fifteen classic games to the Switch. Currently, Sega confirmed three titles under the Sega Ages line which includes Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force 4. 


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