Segway’s Hydrogen Fueled Tron-Style Motorcycle Looks Stunning

Apex H2

Everyone knows about Segway in America as the transportation of choice for tourists and cops at malls. But ever since the company became part of China’s Ninebot, it’s been working hard to release more futuristic scooters and mobility gear. That covers the radical new motorcycle seen here, called the Apex H2. It was revealed last week, Segway will put it into production.

The Tron vibes are very visible, and it’s really amazing to look at. Now, the challenge will be producing the looks, and likely tremendous engineering challenges associated with them, to production. Also, it runs on a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain — and this is huge news as well and a production challenge for a motorcycle. The details are pretty slim for now on what we can check out a concept, but they also sound realistic for the powertrain. Segway said it targets 80 horsepower with a top speed of around 90 mph. How they will manage to make the suspension work and make the trick, hidden steering system remains a mystery.

The wildest thing about Apex H2 is the company’s agreed price. At current exchange rates, Segway’s talking about roughly $10,700, which is amazingly cheap for a motorcycle with this kind of future-proof technology.

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