The sequel to ‘Flappy Bird’ And It’s Bloody Impossible

Swing Copters

Swing Copters is a lot like Flappy Bird. The visuals are low-fi pixel art, and you’re once again controlling a tiny dude trying to fly past a never-ending barrage of obstacles. Only this time, the pixelated star is wearing a helicopter hat, and he flies up instead of to the right. The one-touch gameplay has you controlling his direction to ensure he doesn’t spin out of control.

It may be similar to Flappy Bird, but there’s one key difference: speed. Everything happens so fast in Swing Copters that it can be hard to even come to grips with the controls before you smash headfirst into an obstacle. It’s a big change from the plodding pace of Flappy Bird, and it makes the new game significantly harder. It also means I’m less likely to keep coming back; Flappy Bird was devilishly hard, but at least there was a chance I could improve my score. That chance feels dramatically diminished in Swing Copters.

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