Seriously Appalling, Totally Outrageous: Gender Inequality Facts That You Should and Need To Know

Gender Inequality

The problem with gender equality has been around for quite a long time. Until now, there are still atrocious policies and outrageous stereotypes that somehow keep people in a tiny little box. And not allowed to grow, thrive, and flourish. As human beings, we should all be equal, may it be through possession or just a matter of rights. It is important—very important.

See, the thing about this kind of strain is that it is deeply embedded within our society’s very fabric that now it is so hard to unravel and somehow change. This kind of dilemma is all around us. It is as apparent as the oxygen that we breathe, and sometimes we ignore or not even bat an eyelash because some people think gender inequality is “not a real problem.” 

Well, clearly it is. Suppose you still believe that kind of shenanigans and tomfoolery. In that case, I urge you to read and educate yourself because gender inequality is not going anywhere unless we all acknowledge that it exists. It may shock you, leaves your mouth agape, and makes your eyes pop out of how prevalent this problem is, but the thing is empowering someone does not hurt. 


Women Discrimination

Well, where do we start? Women have been mistreated since time immemorial: denied rights, stereotyped, and everything in between. One of the most epidemic and rampant societal problems in gender inequality involves women. Thus, suffering from social freedom, civil and political liberty, human rights, and even marital status. All these setbacks impede with respect and satisfaction that every rightly deserves.

Gender Pay Gap

The most bothersome thing about gender inequality is the pay gap. It is the same work, but males are paid more than women. Take, for example, women are paid $0.81 while men are casually strutting with their $1.00. It is not even significant whether you are a factory worker in China or a Hollywood actress; it is still the same story.

A powerful and poignant open letter from Jennifer Lawrence, who addresses the fact that she is paid less than her male co-stars. That it is not just a first-world country problem, but also all around the world. The notion that women should be paid less than men is ingrained mostly in our mindset, which needs to be changed.

Human Trafficking

Did you know that in every five victims of human trafficking, four of them are girls? This just shows the rooted societal prejudice and the pervasiveness of violence against women. And so it is deemed and considered as one of the most crucial examples of how problematic gender inequality is.

Women Illiteracy

Approximately 800 million adults worldwide are illiterate, and two-thirds of the population are women. Tons and tons of people around the globe, in every country who cannot read and write. Who does not have the amenity or the luxury to go to school and learn? This is a great catastrophe for both men and women.

But another heartbreaking thing about this is that it is likely that a woman is more illiterate than a man since the societal structure and the imbalance between the gender rationalize the idea that women don’t have to be literate since their primary purpose is to take good care of her husband, children, and house.

Sexist Law

Did you know that 113 countries do not exhibit a law that deals with the same pay or the same work among men and women? Or that 104 countries have jobs out of bounds for women or 29 countries, restricting women’s work hours. Or that 18 countries allow men to bar their wives from working.

These archaic and antiquated laws hold women back from empowerment. It caged them and clipped their wings. And it should not be. Women should have all the rights for themselves, from owning a property to inheritance, to working. And it also entitles women to have the same amount of pay as men for the same work.


In the past, women were denied fundamental rights; one of its prime examples is voting and going to school. Thus, it is so outstanding and remarkable that women could enjoy education and the right to vote. There’s definitely a big improvement. But there are more inequalities that seem to be disregarded, and we are here to uncover and reveal that with the cold hard facts. 

It is hard to navigate the world when you are a woman jailed and barred with bigoted laws that hinder you because of your gender. It is not right to face all these obstacles and struggles just because you are born female. That kind of idea needs to be squashed. This article is not for the faint-hearted since all these atrocities are back up with truth and nothing but the truth.

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