‘Sesame Street’ Has Awesomely Trolled Donald Trump for Decades


Way before Donald Trump was president, Sesame Street was there and being loved by millions, For a very long time the show is trolling Trump long before any of us knew what we were in for. The show was ahead of its time and somehow created a window into the future, They brilliantly created parody-inspired characters like Ronald Grump and Donald Grump as early as the 1980s. Check out the videos below.

Grump Tower, 1988

Back in 1988 the Muppets were already on top of their Trump trolling game, as children tuned in to watch a conniving Ronald Grump build his iconic Grump Tower.

Joe Pesci returns as Ronald Grump, 1994

Grouch Apprentice, 2005

The original Donald Trump has yet to tweet any insults at Sesame Street by our count, but based on the decades between the above sketches, Donald Grump is due for another appearance any day now. We are ready and waiting…

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