How To Set Your Website Up For Success

Your website is the single, most important aspect of your online strategy. Get it wrong and you can forget about generating large volumes of leads. Get it right and you may never have to put much effort into your other marketing channels ever again. A great website that is easy for users to find through organic search and that is easy to navigate when you get onto the website will do wonders for generating business leads.

If you’re setting up your first business website, or maybe your current website hasn’t been as successful as you’d hoped, then there are some key features that you should consider implementing. Take a look at this infographic – 25 features every online business must have in 2017. These features have been drawn up by marketers who have researched the most effective way to set up and display website content. You may have some of these features already but are you placing your key features in the right places? You could be hugely surprised at how big a difference it can make to your online lead generation and conversion rates.

The main objective of any website is to sell the business. Whether it is promoting services or selling products, it is a key tool in your business strategy. If you follow the advice in this useful infographic, you will be on your way to building a more successful website. There is no point spending huge amounts of time and effort on creating fantastic content if nobody can find it. Positioning is vital, so use the infographic to ensure that you are positioning key features such as your call to action, logo, and tagline in the most effective place. You can also find out which information to place above and below the fold.

How To Set Your Website Up For Success

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