Seven Jaw Dropping Car Renders For The End Of The World

A brilliant designer came up with these amazing sketches of the hardcore motors for the end of the world.


Bugatti Chiron

Check out this first car to be rendered by the artist. Ideas on apocalypse-spec motoring suitable for the end of all things.

We’ll kick off with the zombie-proof Chiron above. Sure, it’s had its performance blunted slightly by all that pesky apocalypse-survival stuff, but it’s still the fastest vehicle on this list by a long shot. Pretty handy, then, for escaping the living dead that are now long behind you. Although with no wing mirrors, you might have to keep driving. That’s no bad thing, mind, for a car with 1,479bhp and a top speed of 261mph.


Action Mobil Desert Challenger

Not a Dodge Challenger, granted, but better and more useful in an apocalypse situation. This is essentially an eight-wheeled, quad-axle motorhome that you can park up on any demolished building and call home. It’ll hold 660 gallons of fuel, which sounds good for a potential nuclear fallout road trip, but more practical people might see that it’d make a good mobile hospital too.


Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker

If you manage to get your oil-stained hands on one of these armoured beasts, you’ll thank its off-road tyres for getting you away from the hordes of angry people that need some 95RON. It can carry 20,000 litres of fuel, which should last us about a week or so.


Land Rover Defender

The world’s going to be a horrible, inaccessible place if we’re ever in need of a Landie with tank tracks. Defenders are famed for being able to get to places that would destroy other 4x4s, and this one’s especially useful as the metal exoskeleton can be used as a clothes rail or a curtain rail for those spontaneous apocalyptic-desert camping trips. It also looks like it’s got a set of spare tyres on the back; perfect for a potential World’s End Grand Prix.


Toyota Hilux

The Hilux is a perennial Top Gear favourite because of its ruggedness and ability to go literally anywhere. There’s a good reason why these are used in the most inhospitable places on Earth. This particular one has a dual rear axle, as you might’ve noticed, which somehow makes it infinitely better.


Cadillac One (The Beast)

The leader of a post-apocalyptic society will need protecting, and what better way to do it than in this impressive Caddy? It’s almost completely bulletproof, with Kevlar-reinforced tyres and bomb-proof steel plating, and it’ll survive chemical attacks and sustained fire. That’s also handy if the end of the world is quite hot.


The Marauder

The armoured Marauder will keep you and nine selected other survivors safe against explosives, mines, bullets and small rabid dogs. It can carry as much as 4,500kg, and comes with night vision and a top speed of 74mph, which means it’s perfect for night-time getaways/ joyrides down the long-derelict M25.

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