Shannon Elizabeth Doesn’t Regret Anything About Her AMERICAN PIE Role

Shannon Elizabeth

The sorts of teen comedies that we watch these days are nothing like what they were in the 80s and 90s. Times have changed and many of those older movies would never be made today. One of those movies is the original American Pie.

That scene between Jim and Nadia, when Jim covertly set up his camera to stream his whole meeting with Nadia with the whole school watching them in his bedroom online, while funny then, would not be acceptable today. It’s been 20 years since the movie has been released, and Shannon Elizabeth, who went topless in the movie, talked about her role in the movie and how she thinks about doing it all these years later. Turns out, she doesn’t even regret it now.

In the recently released doc Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies, she explained:

“If I hadn’t done American Pie and I hadn’t done the role of Nadia and the nudity that came along with it, I might not have a career today.”

Previously talking about his scenes with Elizabeth, Jason Biggs talks about why those scenes don’t hold up after all these years, saying:

“It was a very specific time. It was right as the internet was starting. You know, we had that whole scene with the internet camera — which, by the way, would never get made now… It wouldn’t get made now and it couldn’t get made now. It would be unacceptable what that represents, but at the time I remember reading the script and reading that part and being shocked that there was cameras on computers! That’s what I took away from it originally.”

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