Sherlock – Series 3 Launch Trailer

It’s time to get Sherlocked as the BBC launched the Series 3 trailer which comes with some other goodies. Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) has returned to Baker Street after two years, to find many things have changed during his absence. So how is everyone reacting to his return from the grave? Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) is on to a winner with her priceless scream, as if she’s literally seeing a ghost entering her hallway. Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) seems to be taking the pragmatic approach, while John (Martin Freeman) is probably more frustrated and angry as to why Sherlock didn’t tell him of his plans.

Sherlock series 3 will premiere with “The Empty Hearse” written by Mark Gatiss, and will feature the introduction to the character of Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington), John’s future wife. John might not be that much interested in the ‘how’ , but millions of Sherlock fans worldwide have been speculating and theorizing for years on how Sherlock managed to survive the fall in The Reichenbach Fall. Answers will be revealed very soon indeed!

The BBC have also launched a very interactive Sherlock website, with plenty of goodies to unlock. In the spirit of The Great Game you’ll have to find a way to get the codes first, but playing detective is what it’s all about after all!

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