Shipwreck of the Eduard Bohlen

Shipwreck of the Eduard Bohlen, conception bay, Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Shipwreck of the Eduard Bohlen
The Eduard Bohlen was a ship that ran aground off the coast of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast on September 5, 1909,
in a thick fog. Currently the wreck lies in the sand a distance from the shoreline.
The ship was a 2,272 gross ton cargo ship with a length of 310 feet. In September 1909, it ran aground in thick fog and wrecked at Conception Bay
while on a voyage from Swakopmund to Table Bay. This wreck is said to personify the loneliness of Namibia’s coast best. Its remains lie rusting in the sand, partially buried.[pullquote]coordinates : 23°59’45.43″ S 14°27’27.78″ E

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