Shooting On Film Will Get More Expensive

Shooting On Film Will Get More Expensive

In the past, photographers used film for a variety of reasons, but these days with digital cameras, the film part is no more a necessity, but it has become a hobby for some. There is something fascinating about photos on film, much like music on vinyl, but we have some sad news for the fans of the film.

If you’re a film photographer, it looks like your job is about to get a lot more expensive. According to Fujifilm, which creates a good amount of film used in film cameras, it seems that the cost of the film will be going up between 20-60%. The company has been trying to lower costs by enhancing production efficiency, but eventually, they can only do so much.

The company also warns that other products related to film photography like photographic paper and chemicals used to process color photography are all also expected to see a hike in prices between 10-20%, so whether you send your film to a shop to get developed or if you were to do it yourself, you can expect it to cost more.

Fujifilm says that the price revision for the film will take place on the 1st of April, while the changes to the price of photographic paper and chemicals for processing color photography will happen in May. This is sad news for people who like to use film.

Source and Image Credit: Ubergizmo

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