Side By Side Science Fiction Vs Science Fact

Science Fiction Vs Science Fact

Ever been watching a movie or show, and see some technology that just makes you shake your head? Well, don’t shake your head too hard, Debbie Downer, because it turns out that science has surpassed every dream science fiction has given us.

Star Wars envisioned holograms in the '70s. In 2011, Mariah Carey performed a concert in five European cities using a 3D hologram projector. Geordi La Forge's VISOR allowed him to see by transmitting electromagnetic signals to his brain through neural implants. cRath The Argus II Retinal, PScience Fiction Vs Science Fact, Side By SideIn The Fifth Element (1997), future cigarettes have a large filter and very little tobacco. BOIN Less than 20 years later, we've already moved on... CScience Fiction Vs Science Fact, Side By SideThis is a PADD (Personal Access Display Device) from Star Trek, which is set in the 22nD century. Meanwhile, here in the 21st century we have the iPadBy 2001, we were supposed to have huge civilian space stations and regular commercial spaceflight to Earth orbit and the Moon. Fifteen years past thatEMPIRE TeE In science fiction, whenever a probe is launched it is basically shot like a missile and crashed into the planet. Real-life science is muchScience Fiction Vs Science Fact, Side By SideFacial recognition technology is already used in advertising. And while some ads are just as invasive as in Minority Report, others are interactive anStar Wars Episode VI featured super fast speeder bikes that hover over the ground. CRACKED COM Real life hoverbikes are coming in 2017. The currently CRAGKED.oOM HOLY BIBLE Researchers from the University of Southampton have developed a nanostructured glass they call Superman memory crystal. A dis'-Well, Scotty? - Beats me, but isn't she a beauty? -Interesting design. - 0've never seen anything like her. And:ion propulsion, at that. They could Dick Tracy's 2-way wrist radio was something we'd love to have owned when we were kids. Now we can buy a better version with a number of functions othCRACKED COM Tony Stark's high-tech Iron Man suit is getting a real life version The U.S. army is developing nlron-Man like military suit set for 201CRACKED.COM Professor X wears a device to increase his mind power for better telepathy This fis Emotiv EPOC, a device that uses your brainwaves to conThe Star Trek MEDICAL TRicorder is a diagnostic device used to obtain a patient's vitals. C ctil The SCANADU Scout, currently under evaluation by the In 1989's Back to the Future Part 2, when Marty McFly gets to the year 2015 he finds a pair of self-lacing Nike sneakers. 2016 AND THEY'RE IT'S A REALMachines becoming so intelligent that they escape our control and turn against us is a staple of science fiction. In March, 2016, Microsoft unveiled T


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