Sideshow Revealed Unboxing Of Hot Toys’ New Venomized Iron Man Figure

Venomized Iron Man Figure

Sideshow has released a new unboxing video for Hot Toys’ new Venomized Iron Man ⅙ Scale Figure. Inspired by the animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom, this figure illustrates Iron Man being swallowed by the symbiote.

Artist Khoo Fuk-lung has brought his unique vision to the design which was translated to 3D by sculptor Joseph Tsang. The figure features two head sculpts, one-half Venom and half Iron Man with a light-up eye and one fully Venomized with two interchangeable protruding tongues.

There is a special edition that will include an exchangeable symbiote sword. The whole thing both looks amazing and terrifying, which for Venom is a great sign that you’ve done it right.

You can preorder from Sideshow for $425.

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