Silence of the Lambs: Jodie Foster And Anthony Hopkins Were Both Scared Of Each Other

Jodie Foster

On The Graham Norton Show, When the question was asked about the rumors that both stars never talked to each other on the set of the movie — Foster explained that the two were separated nearly the entire shoot by the glass partitions and jail cell where his Hannibal Lecter spent much of his time. “We got to the end of the movie and had never really had a conversation,” she said.

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“Nope, never spoke to him. He was scary!”

“I avoided him as much as I could. I really avoided him,” Foster added.But it turns out, the fearful feeling was mutual, as she discovered on their last day of filming. “He came up to me… And I said — I don’t know, I sort of had a tear in my eye — I was like, ‘I was really scared of you.’ And he said, “I was scared of you!’”


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