Silicon Valley’s Season 5 Opening Credits Comes With a Facebook Burn

Silicon Valley’s Season 5

Season 5 of HBO’s Silicon Valley aired last night, and there was an Easter egg in the opening credits if you were paying attention to that, There is always something cool in the intro of this show. Take a look below.

It is all because of recent Facebook scandals that happened while Silicon Valley was off the air, producers of the show made fun at the social network by changing Facebook’s logo from its original alphabets to Cyrillic letters that spell out ГДÇЭБФФЖ. It’s a subtle reference to the fake news accusations that Facebook has overcome and what we know about Russia’s interference with the 2016 US presidential election.

It doesn’t actually say “Facebook” in Russian. Readers have pointed out that the Cyrillic letters the Facebook logo gets replaced with are actually nonsense in Russian, which arguably, makes it funnier. The C in the Cyrillic alphabet is actually the same as an English C, so the Silicon Valley creators subbed it out with a Ç, commonly found in French, Portuguese, Albanian, and Turkish. The actual transliteration of Facebook in Russian is Фейсбук.

The Easter egg was presumably produced last fall when the news was thick with accusations and reports about Kremlin propaganda on Facebook. The Silicon Valley’s season 5 premiere timing happened when Facebook has come under fire again and from everyone, Even Elon Musk deleted all his companies Facebook pages in the light of the Cambridge Analytica data breach, so be prepared to see even more references to the data scandal in season 6.

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