Simon Pegg Confirms New Movie with Edgar Wright

Simon Pegg,

Pegg says that they will definitely re-team for another project. While talking to Edith Bowman on BBC 6 Music, Pegg revealed that he and Wright have been talking about it, and they even have a title.

“Edgar and I were having a conversation the other day about it, and it has a title and everything. We’re kind of into a creative cycle now.

“We’ve all got different things [going] on and we know we have to get those things done. The coming-together thing is without question on the table and will happen when we can do it.”

That’s so refreshing to hear as these guys always deliver awesome entertainment. The actor goes on to talk about the Cornetto trilogy, and what it means for the films they make moving forward.

“When we said the trilogy was over, it was because that group of films was over. They’re all kind of related with each other and deal with a specific idea. There’s a criteria to those films.

“The next thing we do won’t do that, it will just be something else. It will happen. We made three films in ten years and hopefully in the next decade we’ll make another three.

“I really love working with those guys and I wouldn’t ever not want to work with them. It’s not even a question.”



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