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Sims 4

Sims 4 is a game by Maxis and Electronic Arts which was released way back in 2014. The game is still popular among the players, and it has not stopped receiving new content. Players create a new character called ‘Sim’ in a virtual world and try to upgrade the surroundings with available things. Initially, it was concentrated on home decor and Sim’s career.

Sims 4 has been a favorite pastime of many people in the pandemic, so brand-new inclusions emerged in the game. One such inclusion is casinos and slot machines. Since the casino packs launched in Sim 3, more than 50 packs have been released across various tiers. What makes it more interesting is the add-ons or the expansions.

If you are interested in playing more than just the base game, take a look at the best and the most desired expansion packs available in Sims 4.

Cats and Dogs

1. Cats and Dogs

It is an expansion that brings four-legged furry creatures into the game. Through them, you will be able to enjoy an interactive veterinary career. So, you will be running a veterinary clinic. You will find the cats and dogs to be extremely adorable. The expansion comes with several optimization options that are extremely adorable. But if you don’t want to pet it, you can ignore it.

Get Together

2. Custom Content for Casino – Get Together

As e-gaming is getting popular day by day, people are fascinated with real money online casinos to have fun and win some quick bucks. On the demand of gaming enthusiasts, casino extensions are now available in Sims 4. You can build your own casino with slot machines and add custom content.

The amount of content available on Get Together is little in comparison to the other packs. However, what is in this extension stands out and is unique. The extensions enhance the game and you are going to love it if socializing is what you love on Sims. The Club feature works amazingly when it comes to arranging to get together and socializing with friends and family. This extension is helpful to create a casino with the latest products like nightclubs. Sims will be visiting the casinos and enjoy playing poker. Additional skills like DJ Mixing and Dancing will increase the nightclub fun.

Cottage Living

3. Cottage Living

The Living packs give players a bang for their buck in comparison to the other expansions. Cottage Living is one of the most popular ones. It will take you to a new world, which has been inspired by the United Kingdom countryside and many other traits, objects, and animals.

If you are looking for a quiet life with no surprises and no alarms, you are going to love the things that are being offered by Henford-on-Bagley. You can indulge in some naturistic desires if you want.

Discover University

4. Discover University

It is one of the strongest extension packs that you are going to find on Sims 4. The pack has been customized to give you an experience of University Life.  You can take loans, join clubs, live off or on-campus, and take part in different college events. Even though the classes are not interactive, players have great control over the timetable of Sims and there are additional work-based activities for balancing it.

Discover University has an expansive pack and various new activities for engaging on campus.

Snowy Escape

5. Snowy Escape

Most of the games across the world are based in European or American locations. Hence, it is refreshing to have a world, such as Mt. Komorebo, Japanese-inspired in the game. It is a place that is vibrant and will make you feel alive.

What is going to entice you is the snow activities, such as rock climbing, hiking routes outside the town, and hot pot are a few things that can make the Snowy Escape expansions stand out. Sims has also included the option to take off the shoes before going inside the house.

City Living

6. City Living

This expansion brought additions of work-from-home mode, apartments, various festivals, and San Myshuno, the city. Every aspect of City Living is going to have a drastic effect on the gameplay of the player.

The apartment system in the expansion will enable players to pay rent for living in an apartment, making payments upfront for the furniture. It adds a new element to the game, particularly for people who just use loads of traits for living in a fixer-upper home.

Eco Lifestyle

7. Eco Lifestyle

Eco Lifestyle is an expansion that made several players skeptical in the beginning. But as it has been explored, simmers have discovered that it is more versatile than you can expect. It provides various ways to affect the world, including action plans and eco footprints.

Eco footprint lets players change the world into a green area filled with beauty and then plunges it into the industrial smog. The expansion adds green energy, fabrication, a new career, and a lot more.


8. Seasons

Seasons is one of the best expansions. Even though it does not come with a new world, it adds a lot to the gameplay. So, it surely deserves the top spot in the expansion list. Along with the weather and seasons, players see an in-game character being introduced that allows you to schedule an extensive range of celebrated seasonal holidays and events.  The holiday decorations, traditions, and other events round out the pack.

Including Seasons is the biggest change brought to The Sims 4. It adds a new depth.


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