Six Awesome Car Commercials that will Entertain You

Everyone loves a funny television commercial to break away from the usual, boring ones. As far as entertaining commercials go, it is hard to go wrong with car commercials. These six commercials range from local to big-budget Super Bowl spots.

#6 Honda – Impossible Dreams

This one is more than just funny. It does it without being overly goofy or annoying. It shows a man driving around different vehicles from scooters to race cars. As a bonus, there are lots of different beautiful views of nature throughout the video.


#5 Auto Auction Commercial With Guy That Looks Like Danny DeVito

Local car commercials are usually hilariously bad, and this auto auction commercial is no exception. You have your bad lighting, amateur acting, needless voice raising, and, of course, a Danny DeVito looking guy. This commercial is one of those videos where it’s so bad, it’s good.


#4 The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

This Super Bowl car commercial features an adorable miniature Darth Vader. It is no wonder that it has over 50 million views. America has spoken and it loves cute little kids pretending to be Darth Vader. There was a lot of buzz about this commercial after its initial airing, effectively raising the bar for future car commercials that want to be entertaining and funny.


#3 Chrysler Commercial with Detroit rapper Eminem

If you are going to get a celebrity endorsement in Detroit, why not get Eminem? This one features the popular song from the movie 8 Mile. The official title for this commercial is “Imported from Detroit”. If you were not tired of this song already, maybe this commercial can change that.


#2 Kia Soul “Hamster” Commercial With Lady Gaga’s “Applause”

First of all, how can you go wrong with mixing humor and hamsters? If you are searching for kia dealerships in Utah, you might come across this little gem. Not just any hamsters, but chic Hamsters that enjoy a night on the town with their Kia. You can be as hip as these hamsters with your Kia Soul in Utah, or anywhere else.


#1 Toyota – “Wish Granted” with 90s rapper Skee-Lo

This one is almost too random to describe. Dude in bunny costume? Check. Flying Witch? Check. Chihuahua in a purple costume? Yep, it has that too. To top it off, you have rapper Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” playing in the background. There is a lot going on in just 30 confusing seconds.


There is no telling how many unintentionally hilarious local car commercials are out there that do not get uploaded to the internet. Meanwhile, the major car companies continue to try and outdo one another. The result, is many entertaining commercials that you don’t even have to be watching television to get online and enjoy.

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