Six of the Most Awesome Extreme Home Makeover Houses

Six of the Most Awesome Extreme Home Makeover HousesMost people would be more than happy to let the cast and crew of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tear down their house and build a brand new one, complete with new appliances and furnishings. Sometimes the families featured on the hit television show get even more than just a home, with additional scholarships, vehicles and often barns or offices. The homes described here in this article are some of the most magnificent homes the show has built.

Lake City, Georgia

This mini-mansion is huge. It boasts four bedrooms and a garage fit for three cars. With walls made of decorative rock, four fireplaces, an office, a music room and a solarium, this house was the biggest Extreme Makeover home at the time of building.

Sandpoint, Idaho

The product of Extreme Makover’s visit to Idaho is a 3,678 square foot Mansion. According to, the estimated monthly cost is about $2,228. For a really pretty penny you could live in this three-bedroom, 3.5 bath, single family home. Beautifully built and decorated, this home is awesome.

Cleveland, Ohio

This four bedroom home is a red brick and tan stucco “smart” house. One of the “smart” factors are locks that use fingerprint recognition. The outside of the home feels very regal and elegant. It is a house that is cozy in a familiar, yet technologically advanced way.

Wells, Maine

A  family in Maine got the gift of a lifetime in 2005 when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition picked them to build a house for. This over-the-top home features all of the normal rooms in a house like the kitchen, dining room, living room, master bedroom, and bathrooms, but there are also some very grand rooms as well. These extra rooms include a jungle room, a master living room, a ballet room, a polka dot room and even a gazebo to overlook the beautifully manicured lawn area.

Keller, Texas

This home has a purple “music” bedroom and a personal recording studio. The impressive size of the windows, the shapes of the home, and the decorations featured in this home make the residents feel like celebrities.

Holt, Michigan

This home is one of the most memorable ones from the television series. The house has a pool that is solar-powered and special air filtration systems. The outside color looks unique yet sophisticated, setting the tone for the rest of the home.

The show has taken turned many homes into masterpieces, complete with specialty rooms and advanced technology. While we may never have all the extras that these homes do, it can inspire any homeowner with ideas for updates and renovations.

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