Six Jaw-Droppingly Big and Beautiful Celebrity Homes

Everyone wants a dream home; finding it on the housing market is another matter. That’s why custom built homes are so popular; you’re guaranteed to get everything you want in a house. If you’re looking to build your dream home, take some tips from these amazing celebrity homes; just remember to scale things down to fit your budget.

1 – Ozzy Osbourne

Big and Beautiful Celebrity Homes

For branding himself the Godfather of Heavy Metal, Ozzy Osbourne has a surprisingly traditional and beautiful home. This 10,953 square feet wonder, which sits in stunning Hidden Hills, California, has 10 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, and is valued at $10 million.

2 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Big and Beautiful Celebrity Homes

Apparently movies and government worked out well for Arnold; his sprawling Brentwood County, California home is valued at $23.5 million. As customary with southern California celebrity homes, this house comes with the red tile roof and an oversized pool.

3 – Bill Gates

Big and Beautiful Celebrity Homes

For such a nerdy start to his life, Bill Gates sure lives it up large now. His home in Medina, Washington is estimated to be worth $147.5 million. That price tag, while seemingly great, is actually rather small when compared to his net worth: over $70 billion.

4 – Jerry Seinfeld

Big and Beautiful Celebrity Homes

The next time you’re touring around The Hamptons, perhaps you can catch a glimpse of Jerry Seinfeld’s $32 million home. Jerry’s custom built home comes with everything a TV star could want, including his own baseball field. 

5 – Oprah Winfrey

Big and Beautiful Celebrity Homes

Obviously a beautiful home is on the list of her “favorite things” seeing as how her house, located in the beautiful Montecito, California, is valued at roughly around $85 million. Inside you’ll find 14 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, and an exotic fish collection.

6 – Spelling Manor

Big and Beautiful Celebrity Homes

Also known simply as The Manor, this massive home was originally built for Aaron Spelling. It has the proud title of the largest home in Los Angeles County and was the most expensive property ever listed for sale in America. Today, however, Spelling Manor is owned by Petra Ecclestone. At the time of it’s completion, The Manor received various criticisms for it’s size and design.

While these celebrity homes glorify the end project, keep in mind that designing a custom home isn’t an easy process. Using a professional service, like Sartori Custom Homes, can help ensure that the end product will rival these celebrity homes for beauty (even if yours can’t complete with the size).

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