Six-Part HBO Doc McMILLIONS Trailer About the McDonald’s Monopoly Scheme


“This story has got everything – revenge, drugs, greed… Ronald McDonald.”

HBO is making a six-part documentary called McMillions that tells the inside story about the man who conned the whole system and took all the significant prizes for himself and his friends. Never heard of this scandal? That’s because the trial started on September 10, 2001, the day before the world changed forever. But now we have all the details about this trial, and this documentary looks bonkers.

Here’s the synopsis:

This six-part documentary series examines the $24 million-dollar McDonald’s Monopoly game fraud, chasing the mysterious mastermind behind the scam and the intrepid and dedicated team of FBI agents on his trail. For over a decade, McDonald’s awarded prizes in its Monopoly promotional game tie-in, unaware that the winning tickets for prizes worth $25,000 and up were being stolen and sold to undeserving winners. An anonymous tip to the FBI in 2001 sets off a far-reaching chain of events that will come to include dogged and unorthodox investigative work, undercover sting operations and dirty dealings by ex-cons and mafia mobsters. This fast-paced documentary series unfolds with suspense as it unravels the twisted threads of the fast-food fraud and reveals the real-life characters who got away with stealing from Ronald McDonald and the FBI agents who pursued them.

The documentary will air on Sundance in a few weeks, then it will air on HBO February 3rd. Watch the trailer and tell us if you remember being a part of this scheme.

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