Smart Cookie Oven For Baking Fresh Cookies

Smart Cookie Oven For Baking Fresh Cookies

The CHiP is a new smart cookie oven which will take you back into the kitchen and let you bake some amazing cookies without a lot of hassle.

Cookie oven bakes up to four cookies at a time, works with your own dough or their cookie “pods,” has Wi-Fi capability and can send personalized “cookie grams” as you eat. It even has a delay start mode so you can walk into the house to the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

CEO Kevin Yu says:

 “We realized we wanted a device that made what we love easily, conveniently, and to perfection. We then re-imagined the best type of device that would be needed to accomplish this one specific task, explored what that would take, and realized all the pieces were right there in front of us.”

CHiP is currently available on Kickstarter through the month of November and while early birds can get a CHiP for a $99 pledge, the machine will retail for $144 when it hits the market. I definitely want one for my kitchen and come home to fresh cookies everyday, after the gym.

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