Smart is the new Sexy: Which Character From “The Big Bang Theory” Should You Date


The Big Bang Theory

If you thought a bunch of highly intelligent relatives of Albert Einstein can never live together, you need to reconsider that statement right away. The most successful TV shows today are appealing because of the intelligent characters. The Big Bang Theory is one sitcom, where a bunch of physicists of all sorts, are friends, share their happiness and engage in everyday life like any other human does. However, it is interesting to note that all of them are highly unique, but have a single thing in common, they all work for The California Institute of Technology, and one of them is not a Ph.D.

The Big Bang Theory

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If you have any love for The California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, there are plenty of big bang theory actors dating options available here. To start with the experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter, who has a relationship with Penny and was associated with Raj’s sister Priya, as well as a few others in the series. He has a roommate and a friend named Sheldon Cooper, with whom he has many ups and downs. Nevertheless, Leonard is the guy with all the physics t-shirts you could have ever wished for. The brilliance of both Leonard and Sheldon can be appreciated by the fact that if the best research paper writing service is ever needed, they both have co-authored so many scientific papers together; it will be a walk in the park for them.

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Sheldon Cooper is one of Leonard’s friend and never drinks alcohols. He also works at Caltech in the capacity of theoretical physicist, with a brilliant brain, but not so gifted sense of sarcasm. Sheldon has a girlfriend Amy and he watches Sci-Fi movies and shows. One of the best things about Sheldon is his command over various languages, such as Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and Persian. Surprisingly, Sheldon has a sizeable knowledge about American Football and can converse on any topic or player with ease. One thing is common between Sheldon and Leonard, both of them don’t like their mothers, but like each other’s mothers. Nevertheless, both Sheldon and Leonard share great friendship and concern for each other.

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Another important character in the big bang theory character list is Leonard’s wife Penny. Penny is pretty, wanted to be an actress and worked at the Cheesecake Factory as a waitress. Penny lived across the same hall where Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment was, where Leonard first saw Penny. Although both Leonard and Penny had a frosted relationship, in the beginning, they both were engaged and married later. Penny realized about her feelings for Leonard when he was leaving for a three-month Arctic expedition. If a quiz is taken, questions on Penny may be the easiest to answer.

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Nevertheless, actors from big bang theory also include Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali. They both are as intelligent as their friends Leonard and Sheldon are. Howard is a former NASA astronaut and an aerospace engineer at Caltech. Howard had always been close to her mother, as his father left him and his mother at a very young age. Mrs. Wolowitz however, passed away in her sleep during a trip to Florida. Like Leonard and Sheldon, Howard is also highly intelligent but wears bright colored clothes with denim jeans and jackets preferred. Then, there is Raj, who by chance, also happens to work at Caltech as an astrophysicist, one of the reasons why he is a close friend of Howard. Raj is a contrast of Sheldon, and may always have a beer in his hands. Priya, one of the characters in the Big Bang Theory, happens to be Raj’s sister and she had a relationship with Leonard. Studying at the University of Cambridge, Raj felt it was like Hogwarts. He is a fun person to date if you also wish to have a beer and be part of his ever-lonely saga.

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The Big Bang Theory happens to be one very unique sitcom, completing its 10th season this August. No one can deny the jokes and highly intellectual conversations that have happened on the show while having a character list that has now incorporated other guests and stars in it. But then, it has major characters such as Penny, Howard, Leonard, Raj, and Sheldon, who make a major part. Who would you wish to date?

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