Smartphone Hacks to Share with the Family this Holiday Season


There is no doubt about it, the holiday season is hard. Grown adults are thrust into rooms with family strangers and proceed to spend the next several hours chit-chatting about awkward topics and eating until it’s time to leave. Oftentimes, tensions over child-rearing and politics dampen the mood and ruin the entire day. This year, there can be a change!

The next time a family member corners you to intimately discuss their upcoming hammertoe surgery, you can gently change the subject to something helpful for them and less painful for you.  Be the “young, whippersnapper” that does good this holiday season by sharing the following smartphone hacks with your ahem…more mature relatives.


Google Maps Hacks 

Google Maps can be so much more than a directional tool. It has features that can be used both en route or saved for later. Drivers can pick luxurious rest stops or add detours along routes, drop locations for parked cars, and save addresses in a convenient location. Google Maps can also learn and predict routines for convenience. All tools the older generation appreciates, once they realize they exist.


Organization Hacks 

For the iPhone users, help them set up their control centers (the menu when you swipe up or down). It’s a simple task that will help your great aunt easily access her favorite podcast, the flashlight tool, or new focus features! Android user? Check out the widgets available to help them organize their home screen or easily view their calendar without opening an app.


Finance Hacks 

If you happen to have a fairly savvy relative that just needs a little tech help, maybe suggest Venmo and Mint. The reality is, cash is out and digital pay apps are in. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared with some sort of digital currency…amongst other things. If you can talk them into Venmo, just wait until they hear about Mint. Multiple accounts at multiple banks? No problem! As you age, you acquire bank accounts, and if your elder needs help organizing statements and finances, download the helpful app and save them some time!


Protection Hacks

This one isn’t just for the older relatives, it’s good practice for everyone. Robocall scams are on the rise and unfortunately, the eldery are often easy targets. Downloading a robocall killer like Hiya or Robokiller could protect your family from potentially harmful scams. Also, consider a password keeper like LastPass to help store those super secure passwords.

Bottomline, take care of the family by sharing a wealth of patience and digital tips. These hacks can help you pass the time before dinner or pass the time before you go home! I know Grandma will appreciate them.

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