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The smartphone spying app industry has grown remarkably in recent years. There are numerous tracking apps available for download and use on both Android and iOS devices. Each app in the market offers something unique, which makes it necessary for people to read about them before subscribing to them. Xnspy is one of the many you will find so let us look at what it offers and how it helps people.

Stealth Mode of Operation

The app has the ability to gather all the information of activities going on in a target device, without detection. Once users install it on the target device, the app hides among other programs installed and become impossible to trace. However, it runs in the background covertly collecting different information and uploads data to a control panel. That’s where users can click on the different features listed on the dashboard and see everything as it is on the target device.

Track GPS Location and Geo-fencing

This feature in xnspy makes it qualify as a clever smartphone spying app. It can detect the exact location of the target device and show it to users using Google Maps. This allows users to know where the target person is at any time, as long as he or she has the device with them. Because this feature is inbuilt, it gives users information about where the target was at the time of texting or receiving calls too.


Access to Call Logs

You can see all incoming and outgoing calls, with timestamps and the location at which the target device was at the time. The advantage of this feature is that employers who rely on a mobile workforce can know if their employees are lying about their whereabouts. Since all the information uploads to the control panel, even if the target person deletes history, employers can see the information on their control panel.

Record and Listen to Calls

The app doesn’t allow real-time listening to calls. The reason for this is that the design strictly works to make sure the app stays undetected. This comes as an advantage for users of Xnspy because the target doesn’t suspect that someone is listening to the calls. Once the app automatically records calls, it creates temporary files and then uploads them to the control panel. Users can access these files at any time. Since the automatically recorded files are temporarily stored on the SD-card, the app deletes them later to remove any trace of tracking activity.

Access to Contacts (Phone Numbers and Email)

This app has the ability to access the target’s phone book and email contacts as well. Those who want to track a target’s conversation can easily see the entire list of contacts on the control panel. In fact, users can block unwanted contacts from future communication with the target device. Two other features in the app are the “Watchlist Contact” and “Watchlist Email Addresses” features. Adding contacts to these features in the app make it possible for users to receive alerts whenever specific contact communicates with the target.

Access to Text Messages, Gmail, and Internet Messengers

With this app, it is easy for users to read entire threads of all incoming and outgoing text messages, emails via Gmail app, and on different internet messenger apps. Users can see the location at which the target received text messages. However, the GPS tracker doesn’t work for emails and internet messengers. You can read all conversations and see photos and videos sent/received on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, KIK, Line, and Facebook messenger. You can also see the call logs on these messenger apps with timestamps.


Screenshots, Turn On Recorder, Block Apps, and Lock Device

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to take control of the target device. With Xnspy, you can take screenshots remotely to gather proof of activities on the target device. You can turn on the recorder to listen to the ambient surrounding in recorded files that upload to the control panel. You can also block installed apps on the target device remotely, and lock the device. In extreme cases, with this smartphone spying app, you can also wipe off all the data. All this is possible without the target’s noticing anything.

Export Data

In order to assess mobile usage, employers who use a tracking app export the data in CSV format. The report generated allows them to know how much their employees use the device and which features have the highest usage. Some companies have a policy about not using the company-issued device for personal reasons. Such reports enable employers to evaluate if employees are spending more time on browsing, chatting, calls, and other non-work activities. They can terminate disloyal employees using proof they gather by using a tracking app.

Xnspy android spy app can do much more, that’s why employers are the highest users of this app. Check out a quick review of the app.

Pros and Cons of Using a Smartphone Spying App

Among the pros, it is compatible with all versions of Android and iOS. Users can add more than one device to their account but will have to register for each device. The app works completely in stealth mode (undetectable), it consumes minimum memory and doesn’t affect other applications’ performance. Most importantly, subscription billing lets you automatically re-subscribe every month.

The cons are that it requires a minimum of 1-month subscription is mandatory. It requires iCloud credentials for No-Jailbreak devices and users must have one-time access to a target device for installation on jailbroken and Android devices.

If you need more information, you can always visit and try the live demo there. For more information, contact the customer service. They respond quickly and are available 24/7.

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