Snapchat’s Grand Dad Spectacles Are Here


It is not for you or for me but Snapchat’s userbase is going to like it. Those users also happen to be younger people than most people who read this blog, or are interested in tech journalism in general.

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The newly christenend Snap Inc. isn’t making it a secret they’re going after teens — just check out Snapchat‘s commercial. It features a bunch of teens, having fun on their skateboards, capturing every moment with their sunglasses.

Snapchat Spectacles

They look simple but stylish in some geeky sense and they are in the same price range as a pair of Ray-Ban’s. Also, they connect to the app you’re already using all day — but now you don’t have to pull out your phone anymore. For $130 there’s no friction anymore to share every part of your life with your friends.

You need to charge them, and most people aren’t going to wear sunglasses at night. but people will love and care for them, Please do not be one of those people.

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