Sneakers With Custom Animated HD Display

Sneakers With Custom Animated HD Display

New York-based startup ShiftWear has developed high-tech sneakers with HD displays that showcase your custom designs and animations. The sneakers are wirelessly connected to an app on your smartphone (iOS, Android and Windows) or tablet, where you can choose the way the shoes look, according to the product’s Indiegogo page. Create static designs or illuminate the screens with flickering animations in black and white or color.

Sneakers With Custom Animated HD Display

After you pick your mood of the day the design will instantly appear on the curved, flexible screens, which means you can swap styles even after you’ve left the house. The Indiegogo page shows animation examples like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and a growing cluster of stems and leaves.

ShiftWear sneakers come in five colors with low, medium or high tops. The batteries in the shoes are said to last 30 days, and the company claims a novel way of charging them: by walking. Apparently the sneaks use kinetic energy to charge, but since KE chargers don’t typically produce much energy, there will also be a wireless-charging solution. if your sneaker is displaying a static image, then it won’t consume any power, implying the screens are a type of e-ink.

The kicks are waterproof up to about 16.4 feet and machine-washable. If you’re worried about the shoes or tech wearing out too quickly, the company says the soles are made with durable Kevlar.


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