SNL Cast Breaking Character – Video

SNL Cast Breaking Character

Sketches in order of appearance:

-Somebody’s mom, Deenie – Weekend Update
-Super Showcase Spokesmodels
-Jon Snow
-Hot Tub Lovers
-The Californians: Karina Returns
-Weekend Update: Stefon on Halloween’s Hottest Tips
-Debbie Downer: Disney World
-Weekend Update: Garth and Kat Sing Hanukkah Songs
-Close Encounter
-This is how I talk
-Weekend Update: Stefon Returns
-Camp Wicawabe
-Dr. Beaman’s Office
-Renaldo and Alexi (cut for time)
-Flossie Dickey
-Down By the River
-Coal Miners (cut for time)
-Scared Straight: Underage Drinking
-Debbie Downer: Disney World
-America’s Funniest Cats
-Birthday Party
-Extremely Stupid
-Workplace Warriors (Cut for time)
-Daily Affirmation
-Whiskers R We
-Jacob Silj
-Jeanie Darcy at St. Joseph’s Hospital
-New Girlfriend (Regine)
-(can’t find name of sketch) – Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman
-Maine Justice
-Fish Tank Repairmen
-Family Feud: Celebrity Edition
-The Barry Gibb Talk Show

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