Social Media Borrowing Psychological Tricks Used by Gambling Industry

social mediaSocial media and gambling are two of the most profitable and big industries in the world. Social media is there on TV, news, radio, and smartphones. Many casino advertisements and sports athletes and teams are sponsored by these online gambling sites. Many social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook owe a lot of their popularity to the online gambling industry.

The gambling industry is there for several decades. It uses catchy phrases and several techniques including “Free games offered” and “No deposit casino bonus”. These tricks are mainly psychological that affect the manner people act and think.

Constant investment

Constant investment is there in online casinos as well as social media. The online gambling industry uses this technique. When people gamble they use continuous investment. When the matter revolves around sticking to certain cards, then people think that their investment is worthwhile. When people use online casinos, they try to win. They invest and it becomes really difficult to stop. This holds true for social media too. People create profiles on social media and post pictures. As they put in a lot of effort, it really becomes difficult not to use them.

Online gratification

Casinos provide plenty of ways through which people give social affirmation and gratification to others. You congratulate others when you win. Social affirmation is a psychological tool and it is largely used by Instagram and Twitter, the social media platforms. Twitter has retweets and Facebook has a “like” button. These are instances of social affirmation and people survive on these things.


Gambling games and rewards are mostly based on luck. You do improve your games but the norm remains unpredictability. People crave unpredictability as they do not know whether they will win or lose when they play casino games on indosbobet178 ; as it becomes really exciting.

Social media use this unpredictability. When you post something on Facebook, it becomes unpredictable as you don’t know how many will share it, leave a comment, or whether anyone will like it or not.


The social media pages that give people a rating or a number to judge themselves force many to compete for a high rating. A common score is several likes and many numbers of followers on Instagram or Twitter. According to research, people who take selfies frequently feel lost if the online followers of their friends exceed theirs. One of the major reasons why people take selfies is because of the social contest


When someone follows or likes your posts on social media platforms, you want to return the favor and feel obligated. The apps let people know when your friends have communicated with your posts. This is a successful tactic and it is being used by the online gambling industry for many years. You can achieve this by referral programs. You refer a friend and get a bonus. In reciprocation, both parties gain funds. Social media does this and it uses this technique to greater levels.

Social media platforms are using what has been used by the gambling industry. The online gambling industry uses psychological tricks. The features, devices, and words that are used by social platforms can change the manner in which people act.

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