Sofia Vergara and Jason Statham Behind ‘Heat’ Set Pictures

jason statham heat
It’s getting confusing this is the movie HEAT and there is another movie from Sandra Bullock and that’s The Heat, Just wanted to be clear and giving out precious movie knowledge 🙂

Modern Family star Sofia is expected to leave her comedic skills behind in favour of showing her action movie muscle in HEAT With Jason Statham.

The Colombian born beauty already has another action film in the works, the blood thirsty sequel Machete Kills, playing alongside an all star cast which includes Mel Gibson, Danny Trejo, Amber Heard and Jessica Alba.

Sofia Vergara sexy pictures

10 hottest Sofia Vergara Costumes

Sofia Vergara sexy pictures

Sofia Vergara sexy pictures

Sofia Vergara sexy pictures

Alright, We Said There Is Jason Aswell In The Post 🙂

The film is a remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds film about a recovering gambling addict who finds work providing protection to his friends – not to be mistaken with the Robert De Niro film of the same name, Following a similar storyline, the new Heat sees Jason’s character Nick Escalante have to do odd jobs providing security in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A recovering gambling addict finds work providing protection to his friends, Everything quickly escalates when his friend is brutally beaten, forcing him to take on the mob.

Jason Statham and sofia at heat set

Jason Statham at heat set

Jason looked ready to take on anyone on Tuesday wearing a pair of denim jeans and an aged denim shirt with brown boots.

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