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Importance of the software for the online casino 

Although there is no a lot of information about those people and companies which work on creating different software for the online casinos but it is very important point. First of all, of course, because the software for the casino is the main basis to exist, that defines the whole process of game and its features.

So, today, online casino`s software is developed by more than 150 companies, but the really big and successful manufacturers are only few.  They define the market, set the latest trends and fashion in playing and gambling. 

In addition, they have a large range of online casinos, so it is possible for them to reach a large audience of various countries. Due to this they have more opportunities to develop the market of online casinos, for example, some of them may create common progressive jackpots. It means that wherever gamers play the slot machine, the jackpot grows due to the game of all players from casino network, who make bets in the same specific slot. 

One of the first and the most important issues that the players face is security, and again it is directly related to the software. We recommend you to choose software from well-known manufacturers, as they guarantee to produce secure casino software.

Big choice of software

So, if we talk about the major producers of software for the casino today – it will be giants like Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Cryptologic and several others.  After them go a series of “second-tier companies,” such as Boss Media, Vegas Technology (formerly OddsOn), Rival and others. Each company has from tens to hundreds of clients (online casino); all these companies are highly respected and valued by the players. There are several unique casinos with its unique software and unique games. 

The principle of work is that the online casino buys a license, in other words, rent software from the developer –  the company. The developer carries out regular inspection of work of the casinos. In turn, the control of software providers is performed by independent organizations.

Soft for the online casino is usually divided into two categories – that is possible to download and not.  In case you look for those that are downloaded you have to choose the “Download” button and install a program (0.5-5 MB), which provides the files that are needed to run the casino. At the end of the installation you get a minimal version of the casino and the variants of some games; 1-2 games may be already installed. Some casinos download the games that people want to play, that are popular, but most of the casinos start automatically download all the games. Those softwares which are not downloaded make their version in Flash (at least – in Java), they can be played directly from the browser, without special programs. Flash version allows starting the game from any computer, but the number of games that are available, as well as the functionality and different interesting additions is poorer than in the full version.

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