Solar Car Race Series LIGHT SPEED is Coming To YouTube

Solar Car Race Series

YouTube is getting a new series called Light Speed. This new YouTube original is a six-part series which comes with, engineers, and “the heroes of green tech and motorsport” as they are trying to race solar-powered cars. I have a mix of feelings about this, I like my racing with dino-powered motors not sure how the racing will be without all the roaring sounds. The teams will make cars only powered by solar to race in the Australian outback. Derek Muller will serve as the host.

Every two years the World Solar Challenge draws the greatest young minds from around the world to the Australian outback. YouTube and Seeker will put viewers in the driver’s seat to not only race fast cars – powered only by the energy of the sun – across one of the most unique and uninhabited landscapes on earth, but to also learn about the engineering and science behind the cars themselves. Along the way, well-known science communicator Derek Muller (Veritasium) will introduce us to the students, engineers, and heroes at the crossroads of green tech and motorsport as they push us closer to becoming a carbon-neutral society.

Nadine Zylstra of YouTube said:

For over 30 years, the World Solar Challenge has been the epitome of innovation in the field of green tech. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Seeker and Derek Muller in bringing “Light Speed” to YouTube Originals. We can now follow the adventures of some of the world’s brightest and most innovative minds as they traverse across the beautiful landscape of Australia, test the limits of technological advancement, and show us the possibilities of a greener, better future.

Light Speed will be available to watch on Seeker’s YouTube channel starting December 7.

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