Solar Powered Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornament

Solar Powered Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornament

Check out this awesome solar powered Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornament made to look like it was built out of stone and it also features a set of yellow glowing eyes.

We find the idea of a Jawa lawn ornament a bit puzzling. After all, aren’t Jawas desert dwellers? What makes anyone think that a Jawa is going to be able to turn your grass green? We could see a Jawa feeling comfortable in the southwest, maybe in Phoenix or Albuquerque. When your lawn is more of a rock garden, a Jawa would really feel at home. But maybe these are free-thinking Jawas. The kind that are sick of desert life and want to sink their toes into some grass.

This Star Wars Jawa Stone Lawn Ornament 16″ is ready to set up camp on your lawn. Over a foot tall and grey, this resin statue looks at home next to your angel statue or gargoyles. Just be sure to keep an eye on your lawnmower with this little guy around.

Solar Powered Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornament

You can buy it from ThinkGeek.


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