Someone Stole Rare ‘Avengers,’ ‘Iron Man’ Comic Books Worth $42,000


Police officers are looking for a smash-and-grab burglar who stole 14 rare comic books, that includes an Avengers that was worth between $12,000 and $14,000, from Mile High Comics in Denver early Sunday morning.

The theft, which took place on May 27, was a dirty incident, which resulted in broken showcases, some blood from glass cuts, and the loss of some of the store’s most valuable comic books, which in total were valued at about $42,000, the Denver Channel reported.

Mile High Comics posted an update on the burglary on Facebook, which displayed pictures of the crook walking through the store, the broken cases that stored the comic books, and a list of the stolen comic books. Police are investigating the incident.

“Someone broke into Jason St. last night through one of the rail dock doors, then stole 14 comics valued at $42,000+ by smashing through a locked showcase. He cut himself in the process, and we have a video recording,” Mile High Comics wrote on Facebook. “The person in the photo below is the only one who was in our store in the middle of the night. If you know him, we would very much like to have him identified.”

Other items which are stolen included the first Iron Man comic book and an autographed Spider-Man comic book. Strangely enough, the thief left behind a McFarlane original art comic book, It is priced at $8,000.

The burglar didn’t have an easy time stealing the comic books though: During the heist, he cut his arm or hand on some broken glass. Security footage from the incident showed the burglar trying to use toilet bowl cleaner and window cleaner to wipe up evidence of blood. He took the rare and valuable comic books, threw them in a plastic bin, and left the scene. The thief has not been recognized at this time.

If anyone has information on the comic book burglary, Please call Denver Police at (720) 913-2000.

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