Someone Try To Clone Lucifer in Sci-Fi Horror ‘The Devil Conspiracy’ Trailer

The Devil Conspiracy

“Hell shall come to Earth.” Samuel Goldwyn Films has released the trailer for a sci-fi horror film called The Devil Conspiracy, which will be released in theaters in mid-January. They’re hoping this one will be one of the great horror releases in January.

The plot of the movie involves a biotech company creating a technique to clone the most outstanding minds and figures from history. However, the company is run by a cabal of Satanists whose top goal is to revive Lucifer himself. They plan to do this by offering up Jesus once they’ve cloned him from a sample of his DNA found on his shroud. Let the religious battles begin. The movie stars Alice Orr-EwingJoe DoyleEveline HallPeter MensahJoe AndersonBrian Caspe, and James Faulkner


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