Sony Pictures Plans Gran Turismo The Movie

Gran Turismo Movie

A feature film version of the hit video game series Gran Turismo is on the way from Sony Pictures, The Wrap reports. We are the fans of GT For 15 years maybe since it’s first coming out on PS 1 but I don’t remember that even if got any story to it! It’s just fast cars and makes time. Well, it’s a long way before we see some solid news about the story and casting.

The first Gran Turismo was released for PlayStation in 1997 and boasted 140 different sports cars and 11 different racing environments. The most successful game franchise in PlayStation history, Gran Turismo 6 is slated to hit shelves later this year.

After the Fast 6 and Need For Speed in the works, It didn’t come as a shock but still… GT as a movie .. something doesn’t feel right.

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